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Fitting page

Clicking on any of the Virtual Fitting By Victoria images or text would bring you to a page like this.
It is designed to work with the HFI F-pattern heat map.

Fitting page 3

This is a close up to show the menu change that will allow the Profile to be saved once they begin the process.

If they haven't already saved it, it could use a temporary cookie based progression save until they choose to save it and fill-in more detailed profile information. This avoids the feeling of being pressured for their personal information.

Fitting page - menu change

Fitting page - menu change

Tablet format - This is to show the left side, slide out menu with the Victoria's Secret Home page as the focus/hover

Fitting page 3

Victoria's Secret

Here are several simple UI ideas that I created in a few hours as a test. It is not to be considered a finished UI design.

I wanted to stay true to the Victoria's Secret style and formatting. This first wireframe is a shortened version, for illustration and comparative purposes, of the VS web site landing page and my test designs. This first image shows a Virtual Fitting By Victoria image that I mocked up and made into wireframe to show the potential flow patterns.

Previous UI design | First UI test design

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